"Server connection could not be initialized"

Hello there!

So, after a couple hours talking to a friend, he told me my voice started to sound funny; after a couple seconds, I got disconnected from the server, and now I get that error everytime I try to connect to any server. My friend did not have this problem.

Whats going on?

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Thanks @DonaLourdes for letting us know about these problems. Could you provide some more information?

Useful information includes:
Operating System version
App Version
Were you using Mobile (3g/4g/5g), WiFi or other
Battery Level
Did you try after again after force stopping the app?

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Xiaomi 8 Lite
Android Pie
Latest Version
Yes, I tried to restart my phone, the app, tried reinstalling and also changing my bookmark for thw server; I did manage to reconnect about 30mins later, but it happened again moments later.


How were you connected before these issues happened?
Could you connect to the server using another client (e.g. desktop or iOS)?

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Through the app (if that’s what you’re asking);
I’m at work rn, but I intend to try connecting at my pc as soon as I get home

Sorry I missed the word “long”: How long were you connected for before these issues happened?

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For about 4 to 5 hours straight.

Thanks we’ll look in to this

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