Server CPU / Memory / Disk Read Spikes

Running latest linux 64-bit server, 3.13.7. Not sure when this started but there are recurring spikes in CPU, memory, and disk read several times a day. These occur only when the server is running. I have tried running the server both natively and in the Docker container and see the same behavior on both. Nothing odd or usual about traffic to the server. Absolutely nothing shows in the server logs. Using the sqlite database.

Any ideas?

(Sorry some of the disk data got cut off in the screenshot but those are read spikes, no writes.)

Same occur to my server (3.13.7), as a new ts3 server or not, its the same…
Looks like I’m not the only one

Who’s the right person to ping about this? @TS.ChrisR maybe?

With given details we are not sure what this could be.

  • a single core alma 8 vps, 1gb ram
  • not a word to be found either in ts logs or in system logs
  • yes we have a license key (ancient npl)
  • accounting2 connection stable with sub-5ms ping
  • file xfer disabled - more properly, nobody has upload perms
  • weblist disabled

Are you sure this is caused by the TS server at all (even when this is the only bigger software running)?

  • Can you see what software does cause this?
    • Have you checked this in real time when it happens?
  • Maybe a backup or other service is running on that machine?
    • Or any other Scripts or ServerQuery doing something on the server.

So far we have no clue what else this could be. In most of all cases there is something spamming the logs when our server causes such load.


On a hunch I decided to increase the server’s swap file, and the problem has gone away. If I had to guess based on what I’ve read, I would blame dnf. No hard data on this but it checks for data on a regular basis like the times when the spikes happen, and it has become more memory-hungry over time as the repos it reads data from have gotten bigger.

@andr3pt can you try this and see if this helps you?