SERVER - Does not connect

Hello! I have a server hosted in Canada better named in AWS (Amazon Web Services). Where you can create a vps, etc.
When installing and following the installation steps. And I opened the ports with the command “iptables” etc. Restart the vps, and when I want to connect with the public ip it doesn’t work for me. Is it from the server or is it already from the VPS?

you can try the Following:

On the left-hand side click on “Network & Security” --> Security Groups. Create Security Group allowing everything in (For UDP and TCP). Go back to your Instances overview on the left, right-click on your server and go “Change security groups”. Tick the newly created “Allow all” and go "Assign security group

And then try to connect to the TeamSpeak Server with the Public IP. :slight_smile:

Hi bro, in this way?

Entry rule

Output rule

Yes. Is it working now?