Server dosn't show up in the Server list


i dont know why but my server dosent show up in the server list anymore.

if you need more details about my server you can just ask me.

Yes please because you gave none at all!

Check the ports and the server settings for the weblist and make sure your search filter in your client is setup to find the server. Thee are filters.


what ports should i set? and i did check every setting
i am hosting the server from a windows computer.

my teamspeak ip is:
and the server is in Switzerland

Works for me (check your advanced filter settings!)


Your server will never show up into the default serverlist filter.
Basically… you need to type the server name inton the filter, if you want to get it.

If you have some luck, then it’s only going to appear into the “Switzerland”-serverlist.
It’s sorted by the country and it’s name (alphabetic).

I guess that quite nobody is gong to find your server at the moment… unless they set the filters which I’ve mentioned above.