Server Group Not Able To Join Channel

Hey Y’all, So I Host A Server With The Highest Server Group Permission Of 75. I Use It For A Game Called FiveM And RTO For Police. I Also Have Certain Offices Dedicated To Certain Peoples To Where Only Their Server Group Join Power Is The Same (For Instance: A Person’s Channel Has A Needed Join Power Of 58 And Their Server Group Has The Power Of 58, They Stil Aren’t Able To Join.) Am I Missing Something Or Does This Exclusively Only Work When I Use Channel Permissions (If So What Is The Point Of Server Groups.) I Had Thought That The Server Group Was Able To Effect All Channels. And With Server Groups You Can Add More Roles To One Person. Once Again, Am I Missing Something Or Does This Exclusively Work By Me Dragging Them INto The Channel And GIving Them The Specific Role?

My guess is that this user also has a channel group in target channel and this one has join power lower than 58.

To avoid that channel groups or channel overwrite Server Group permissions you must set the Skip flag on target permissions.
OR enable b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions in whole server group.

Could also be that user itself has a lower join power or user has a channel client permission with lower join power.

All wild guesses without a permissions overview from user while he is in target channel.

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Thank You So Much! Sorry For The Dumb Question, New To The Whole Teamspeak Thing

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