Server group / Role ID?

i wonder how to get the server group ID on ts5 not 3
if it’s admin, channel admin, or channel operator etc.

You don’t. You don’t need it in the client at all.


actually no i need it for my bot setup if u could help me and tell me how to get it…

Use any 3rd party server tool or ServerQuery commands servergrouplist and channelgrouplist.


um explain more pls… how can i use these commands:


He mean u should use an third party Program as an example like YaTQA.

Login with your Server Query Data and there you go. :slight_smile: Its very easy to use

Is there a default ID for the server admin / operator / and normal??
if not then how to get the group ID using ts5 or 3 (tell me the easiest way pls)

In TeamSpeak 3 just hover with your mouse over the group name.
This will show the group ID to you in a tooltip.

oh thx for your help!
Have a nice day!

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Have a nice day too.

You are welcome here :blue_heart:

The Default “Server Admin” Group is always 6 and Channel Admin Group is always 5 from what I saw so far… But the privileges of said Groups can be changed or the whole group can even be deleted, and no since the Server does not know what it’s admin designed the groups for there are no flags for this.

idk how i found the admin group id on my server 128

In Client via Permissions -> Server / Channel Groups -> Now search for the number in brackets next to the group name.

isn’t that it?

Yes this is your Admin Group ID. :slight_smile:

ok thx for your help i appreciate it