Server groups will not stay on client

Ok so I manage 2 Teamspeak servers, one of which works perfectly fine and the other not so well… on the server I have, I used the privelege code to connect and I made a copy of the server owner server group and gave it to myself, after I disconnect and reconnect it doesn’t stay on my client although ‘group is permanent’ is actually activated for that server group. I did not have this issue with my other Teamspeak server.

The only explanations are:

  • You never assigned that group to your identity.
  • You use another identity for each connection (check your client info).
  • The group is not permanent. Check that the permission is enabled and value is set.
  • The server does not save anything at all caused by broken database or missing access or could be anything.
  • Someone removed it while your are disconnected.
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