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I have a server with a relatively large number of server groups. The server has existed for over 10 years and over time a lot has accumulated that is no longer quite as up-to-date. Since I am currently having problems with various server groups and the rights of individual groups also overlap, I wanted to completely redesign our rights system.

FYI: There is also a ranking system (T-SN) running on the server. My idea is that various rights are only assigned via the level system. All other groups that are only of an informative nature (age, games, gender) should only be “empty” groups that can be assigned via a web interface.

My question about this is the following: There is “Skip” and “Negated” in the rights. How do I do that if user “A” has level 3 and can poke there and user “B” only has level 2 and is not allowed to poke? I just need a simple example to understand the system.

Thank you for your answers <3

In order to prevent a poke, you need to check the “Needed poke power” not just the poke power.
The skip and negated options are to override permission from other groups that have been assigned.

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With the Needed Poke Power and Poke power, I got that.

If I understand you correctly: User “A” can poke because he has level 3. User “B” can’t poke because he’s level 2. Do I give level 3 Poke Power with Skip? Or negated? Or both? I hope it makes more sense because I don’t know how to describe it :confused:

Yea, i got your point. There is no need add either skip or negate. By default a higher permission number overrides the lower one. So if a user has for example the server groups “Level 2” with poke power on 2 and the “Level 3” with poke power 3, automatically his powers are set to 3.

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But that would be bad if he automatically gets 3, because then he could use level 3 poken which he shouldn’t be able to do with level 2. Or am I just misunderstanding this?

He did not say that Level 2 can do or get Level 3 things.

Just in case you or someone gives him the level he can do whatever Level 3 should be able to.


Oh, that wasn’t clear to read :slight_smile:

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