Server is restarting every 2 hours

Hey there,

My server has been on 24/7 for the past few years now. All of a sudden in the past couple of days, it began periodically stopping approximately every 2 hours (according to logs). There is nothing out of the ordinary in the logs, it just shows the usual startup messages.

Prior to checking the logs just now, I had not even connected to host machine since updating to the latest server release many months ago. I did nothing to provoke a change in behavior.

Is your updated version the currently latest version?
If not just update your server and try again.

Please post your server log even if there’s no error you might say.


2020-10-14 23:05:02.008129|INFO    |ServerLibPriv |   |TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.12.1 (2020-03-27 10:38:47)
2020-10-14 23:05:02.017611|INFO    |ServerLibPriv |   |SystemInformation: Linux 3.10.0-1062.18.1.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Mar 17 23:49:17 UTC 2020 x86_64 Binary: 64bit
2020-10-14 23:05:02.017688|INFO    |ServerLibPriv |   |Using hardware aes
2020-10-14 23:05:02.018749|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   |dbPlugin name:    SQLite3 plugin, Version 3, (c)TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
2020-10-14 23:05:02.018801|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   |dbPlugin version: 3.11.1
2020-10-14 23:05:02.019199|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   |checking database integrity (may take a while)
2020-10-14 23:05:02.130376|WARNING |Accounting    |   |Unable to open licensekey.dat, falling back to limited functionality
2020-10-14 23:05:02.130696|INFO    |Accounting    |   |Licensing Information
2020-10-14 23:05:02.130729|INFO    |Accounting    |   |licensed to       : Anonymous
2020-10-14 23:05:02.130749|INFO    |Accounting    |   |type              : No License
2020-10-14 23:05:02.130781|INFO    |Accounting    |   |starting date     : Sat Feb  1 00:00:00 2020
2020-10-14 23:05:02.130802|INFO    |Accounting    |   |ending date       : Mon Feb  1 00:00:00 2021
2020-10-14 23:05:02.130820|INFO    |Accounting    |   |max virtualservers: 1
2020-10-14 23:05:02.130836|INFO    |Accounting    |   |max slots         : 32
2020-10-14 23:05:03.150288|INFO    |              |   |Puzzle precompute time: 969
2020-10-14 23:05:03.150657|INFO    |FileManager   |   |listening on [redacted]
2020-10-14 23:05:03.210708|INFO    |Query         |   |listening for query on [redacted]
2020-10-14 23:05:03.211027|INFO    |Query         |   |listening for ssh query on, [::]:10022
2020-10-14 23:05:03.211121|INFO    |CIDRManager   |   |updated query_ip_whitelist ips:, ::1/128,


2020-10-14 23:05:03.210197|INFO |VirtualServerBase|1 |listening on [redacted]

Logs like these are generated every time the server stops and starts, approximately every 2 hours. There is nothing else.

Is your server able to connect/reach the accounting server from TeamSpeak?
Please check it once

To check this, you may try to ping them.
This solved my problem once as well.

I can ping the servers just fine.

As of this morning, the server is no longer stopping. It’s unfortunate that I still have no idea what caused the problem. It must have been a problem with the host machine, so I’ll take it up with the provider next time.

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