Server lagging a lot even with good ping


I’m currently hosting a server on a Linux machine, and for some reason the TeamSpeak server started lagging a lot. It is lagging for almost 2 days, everyone has a packet loss of around 80%. The ping of the server is good as usual (around 150ms) both for the server itself and the TeamSpeak connection (pinging the server IP shows a good ping and looking the client ping in the TeamSpeak client also shows a good ping).
I have tried restarting the TeamSpeak service and even the server completely and nothing seems to help. The server has a lot of resources (RAM and CPU) to handle all the connections, so I have no idea what is going on.

With 2 users connected (me and someone else) it was everything laggy. The RAM usage and CPU are also normal (both with users talking and not talking). When I connect to the server, it takes almost 15 seconds to load the channels and say “connected”. Server load average is about 0.02.

The server was being hit by some DDoS attacks recently but this time it’s not the case. The server is not under attack and stills laggy.