Server log: Icons and Avatars not found

Hi all, I have this error filling up my server log, I read on old posts that is a client issue when you have 2 tabs open at the same time loading server icons or something like that.
I don’t get it if we have a solution or a temporary fix

Thanks for answers


Server version: 3.12.1
Os: Ubuntu 16

When it is the error that a user connects to server 1 and has to download many icons and did not finish before connecting to your server in same tab, then you can’t do anything about it.

Just ignore the log entries.

But yours also shows avatar. This looks like there is a user with an avatar set that was deleted or can not be loaded for some reason.

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Ok I’ll ignore them
Just thinking, if I duplicate an icon and rename it with one missing, can it work?

i guess this works (never tried that) but you must know/add icons for all numbers then ;D

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It’s a client bug that not got fixed and i can’t tell if it ever will. So best in current situation is to ignore the message in case nothing else is broken.

The client does not create the log. It’s the server logging filetransfers.

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Yes and no. Since the beta does use a new tab for each connection you can not trigger this.
In TS3 you could use the same tab to connect to a new server and for this tab the file transfer request was still running.

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