Server new install on Linux


i try to install Teamspeak Server on Linux CentOS 8
(Version teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64-3.12.1.tar.bz2).

I found several HowTo´s that looklike usefull - but from the Beginning i don´t can connect with my client.

Checking logfiles und search for solutions - and i found much …

Is there a official way to install teamspeak on linux ?



In first i try to setup the server with the info from the server_quickstart.txt-File in doc-folder of the archive.
But if i can not connect to the server … and i look in the logfiles why.
And no additional errors, what is described in the server_quickstart.txt-File found - i am confused.

Today i see IN THE CLIENT-LOG … - Server blacklisted - why ?
Anyway - a short job should be run 15 Minutes turn it to a Project.
I think it is a good idea to conntact support.

Thanks for your message.


Do you mean in the firewall?
Or do you mean in the TS3 Server?

yea - i search for the required ports an open it in firewall - on the end i open the hole server- all port are open - not secure but firewall doesn´t can disturb :slight_smile:
I guess if i do not open the ports i doesn´t get the Blacklist-message on the client.