Server nickname login does not work anymore since latest Maintenance

Hello there.

Since the latest ongoing maintenance, we can not connect with our server nickname. I guess this is related since the IP was also deleted in myteamspeak, but I added it back and still no function. Yes, it was used daily so it does not expire. :wink:

Any ideas except waiting again?

i think there is still an maintenance.

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I guess this is resolved. Just connected via your server nickname and saw you in there :wink:

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Well, so this was you, but why does it not work for some of my users and me? Some DNS stuff again?

thanks for the help btw.

Nope, not anymore. Let’s call it a residual hangover from last night :wink:


Works and see above, thank you very much!

Btw when do TS5 goes open (beta) xD?

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The resolution part of the server nicknames is pretty straightforward:
you can try to enter in your browser. If it shows your server’s address, it’s working.

Then of course there’s always different possiblities for network related issues that are out of our grasp.


Well, open it is. You don’t need the beta badge for some time now.


Oh dang it, I do have access, but now I will tell more people to use it.


me too, few days ago ■■■■

how to ad ip, on my 2 laptops not working ts3