Server option to remove badges from the server tree

Add the option to remove badges from the server tree and add it in the profile instead, as some server owners may not want badges shown in the server tree.

I thought this might be a useful option because some servers have server groups with icons and it looks bad with badges and icons all clustered together, especially when you have a lot of people in a channel.

pf… my opinion is if a user have a badge just feel free to use :smiley:

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Yap! I completely agree! In the old forum we had started a discussion about it and I think all of us (owners of big TeamSpeaks servers) stay with the same opinion: TeamSpeak - Official TeamSpeak Community Forum

A little permission or something like that per server group to show or no the badges would be amazing! Would be not necessary remove completely the badges in the TeamSpeak, but at least remove them from the icons in front of the nickname of the users and leave the badges in the description of the client. I mean, clicking on the client would be possible see everything including badges.

Would it be possible to at least ponder, @staff? :pray:


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Maybe put the badges in the profile? Not in server tree, because with my server I give 2 server groups for misc/funny icons and 1 actual server group for rank.