Server Query Connection Refused

So I’m trying to interact with my TS3 server. It’s hosted via a VPS from GoDaddy, and managed through pterodactly panel. Whenever I connect to it through putty telnet, it gives me a fatal error.

The port isn’t forwarded or your firewall / VPS the connection or you used the wrong port to connect to the ServerQuery Interface.

  • Make sure your server uses the right port. Check server log 0 for current used port.
  • Open the right port for the right IP.
  • check your firewall/VPS settings.

how do i do this (port forward) for a vps hosted on godaddy?

Have you Windows or Linux?


Source: From their Website

For Linux servers, follow the steps below to unblock the ports on the server using the firewall ID. If you use a different firewall utility, you may need to adapt this sample code.

Run the following command:

sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=10011/tcp

Run the following commands:

sudo firewall-cmd --reload
sudo firewall-cmd --list-ports

The second command verifies that the port has been unlocked.

and i would run the same command for 10022, and 10080?

You can see here the requiered ports for TeamSpeak:

Ok, thanks. I opened port 10011, but i still get a connection refused error

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