Hello, my ts3 is working perfectly, I want to insert a bot and I can’t because I don’t have the server query function activated, can it be activated now?

Do you mean that you need a server query login?

If you have a permission to create query login, you can create it in the following way
Tools > ServerQuery Login


hello, thanks for answering, the problem is that in my ts3 that option is not active, greetings

To create a server query login, you need the permission b_client_create_modify_serverquery_login.

If you have a server that you do not host yourself, this is often deactivated. In that case, you would have to contact the host.

hello, thanks for the answer, that permission is activated, greetings

Then create an Admin Server Query Account via the Server Query Login and give the created Credentials to the Bot

Hello, I think that due to the answers received, the server query cannot be activated with the ts already active, thanks for your time, greetings and thanks

Normally, a query login has nothing to do with the activity. This means that a query account can be created and the query can also connect to the server during online time.
However, a server restart may be required depending on the bot software.

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