Server Security

hi how can i make my teamspeak server as secure as possible is how can i increase the maximum GB of Upload on my server
i use a linux ubuntu VPS operating system

You make your Teamspeak server secure, like you make any other service secure. Create one user for it, make sure this user can only see hat the user needs to be able to see on the filesystem.
Use a firewall.
Dont leave SSH open, if you really have to, disable password login use fail2ban and disable root login.
Keep your system up to date.
Depending on how paranoid you are, there a bazillion more ways.
Use SELinux, use Hardened kernels etc.

ok Thanks a lot for the tips instead how can i increase the maximum file capacity in my ts server?

Did you mean the File transfer of your TeamSpeak Server?

There is no file size limitation in the TeamSpeak 3 file transfer feature.You can specify the amount of data both each client and all clients on a server can up or download each month, but there is no size limitation for individual files or all files total.Check the i_ft_quota_mb_download_per_client and i_ft_quota_mb_upload_per_client permissions for the server groups / clients and also the file transfer settings of the virtual server… maybe it’s strongly limited there.

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