Server sound

I’m running teamspeak server and use it to exange musique with my team

What i get :
I can set le level of my different client using the control volume of each client Well
I can record in multitrack and have separate wave very well

What I want :
Is there a way to get the sound of each client separetly and root it in a DAW
That mean to have the live sound of each client in separate audio track ?

A dream but why not

Thank’s all


Um, no, sorry. TS doesn’y work like this. It just sends sound directly to your headphones/speakers, either mono or stereo.

If you’re using TS3, you can setup so called 3D Sound to sort of ”move” other people in space so that everybody has it’s own ”stereo track”. I know it’s not what you meant, but AFAIK this is the closest thing.

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