Server starts but quits after accepting license agreement

So I just installed the latest server on my Windows 10 system (new installation), I start the server, the Server License comes up, teamspeak server is showing in my Task Manager Processes, I accept the agreement and the Process goes away. No log file is generated. Any ideas to trouble shoot or correct?

My wild guess with that little details you gave:

When no log is generated then it crashes (search such in the Event Viewer)
or your user account got no permissions to write anything on that folder
or updates are missing on your system.


Can you try to start the Server inside a Terminal so that the Process gets logged?

I know that TeamSpeak didn’t implement it right on the Windows Servers, but eventually it displays some errors.

You should use powershell for that.

Start-Process .\ts3server.exe -RedirectStandardOutput log.txt -RedirectStandardError error.txt

Thanks all, for your suggestions. TS.ChrisR hit it…I didn’t have admin privileges turned on for starting the server…a little bit embarrassing actually. Thanks again for your responses.

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