Server to Client UI/Themes

It would be fantastic to have some sort of server to client UI theme or server settings, so servers can be a bit more individual and connect closer to its users.

Something along the lines of colouring, channel fonts, backgrounds, custom sounds and maybe channel title BBcode support?

The more customization options server side, the more unique the offering can be to its userbase is my thinking. I feel like Another Popular VOIP lacks features such as these and it would be a unique selling point.

Any opinions or suggestions towards this topic would be good to read. Any other takes on this idea are also welcome.

do you know what you are talking about?
will have a built-in theme editor…
is it not enough to change the look of your client?
what do you want to do with the server?

As I said just spitballing, servers ability to control things such as channel sound changes or join noises?

All the built-in themes are currently client controlled and wouldn’t be effected. I suppose I was thinking of an expansion from channel icons and header images.

Just something to allow server owners to connect with potential new users.

Just like the idea of uniqueness. Rather than every server being literally a clone of another, every community wants to be able to take their own spin.

Ps - Running a community and exploring options to keep or attract users and community engagement since 2008.

PPS - I ment expanded BBCode

i think its unnecessary :confused:
think about it …
you set the icon/sound/theme addons what you like and you join a server and bumm strange new sounds …etc ?
nah, i skip it :smiley: thx …
the client decides the appearance / sounds , server just a server , don’t want to say what can i use… (sounds…etc).
2 different things with different tasks.
this make me no sense :slight_smile: this is my opinion
a user does not go to a server because of its appearance…
users came because it’s stable, orderly, reliable .
and +good point if have a great flexible admin team :smiley:
we have 400-600 people online because of this ^^

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A user stays due to the interactivity of the community, ways to make that more appealing to someone that doesn’t primarily use teamspeak would be my thinking. The more possible “integration” the more possibilities.

I do get what your saying, but a server just being a server removes the ability for it to be used as practically for a community as something like “ANOTHERPOPVOIP” without a lot of third party bot support.

Currently the -banners has made a radical difference to what we can do judging individual appearance and everyone seems to like the effect. We would love image spacers. We would love the option of being able to make visual and audio changes if we so wished.

I’m not looking for it to be over the top, I totally understand the diminishing returns of force feeding users content.

By the looks of it the vast majority of your services are off-server, would require a user to attend a website.
Without third party bot support there is no option for integration, I understand the new API is going to help this but that providing it works better than the previous.

As a long running community you will already have sound packs, banner setups, images the lot. I mean why not just a system that offered you the servers plugins to download?

The appearance of the server can be changed by putting your banner there as well as design channels using BB codes