Server Version 3.12.2-poolsize


i saw on a big teamspeakserver the Server Version 3.12.2-poolsize on Linux. But the current Version is 3.12.1 and i also dont find any beta versions regarding this. What exactly is this? Is it like a private beta? Cuz we experience issues with 600 users online like packetloss and so on. If yes, is it possible to get this?


It can either be some very secret beta build accessible only for certain TeamSpeak fans/devs or more probably some server running TeaSpeak (see the missing ”m”).

If it’s a legitimate build, I think we’ll hear about it soon™.

Hm its a teamspeak server not a teaserver. But we will see, i hope the teamspeak staff will reply here :slight_smile:

TeaSpeak is a piece of software that allows you to somewhat illegally create server with unlimited user slots. People using it almost always change some settings in a way that it looks like a legitimate server.

For a not trained eye it might look and feel like legitimate TS Server, but under the hood it’s totally different. It would be nice if you post this server’s IP here and if you think that this server might be illegal, contact [email protected].

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There is a alpha/beta Server Version 3.12.2-poolsize (19.05.2020 15:59:18)
i saw many of this server witch has 3.12.2-poolsize :slight_smile:
There is no TeaSpeak Server how have this Version so far.

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The question is from where and if its possible to get it

It might not be publictly available, as it’s beta build.

Sometimes devs give put beta builds to trusted people for testing.

Alright, we will see what the tell us :slight_smile:

It’s a special build to test for a customer.

3.13.0 will have the change & feature.


Is it possible to also get this test version? We have at the evening 700 users online like the other server where you test atm. Or is there any release date for the beta?

And you have a problem to report?
Else the answer is “No you do not need it” :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I can’t give a beta date for now

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We have massiv packetloss and the ping is higher if there are enough users online, it starts with ~ 550 users these problems

I can either confirm or deny that this version will help you. Ping and packet loss could be caused by anything.

Please give us more details about the server and what is running on it.

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What exactly do you need?

The Teamspeakserver is running on a Windows 2019 Machine.
CPU is a Xeon E-2278G (We also tried different CPUs)

Currently we run Serverversion 3.9.1 but we also tried the newest one on linux and windows, but it was worse then the 3.9.1 so we switched it back. We use the teamspeakserver like the other big server gvmp (i hope i can do namecalling here) for our voicecommunication for our gameserver

You use it with plugin where anybody getting muted and unmuted all the time?



Then maybe the test version could help you.

But i need to discuss that with a developer first and will report back on Monday.


Alright thank you, that would be nice

I talked to our developer(s) and decided that we do no send you the version.
The reason is that this version did not help or improve anything.

But what we saw is that the RP Voice could be improved to reduce or solve the issues (we do not have the latest status, if this got solved)

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What exactly? And also i guess gvmp uses another plugin. What exactly did not help? Cuz on gvmp it works very well