Server wont start on ubuntu 20.04

Solution: I had two instances installed. Fixed now.

My VPS Info.
Provider: Vultr
OS: Ubuntu 20.04 x64

I tried using this guide to install it:

This is what’s causing the issue. Another application is using port 30033. You can use netstat -tulpen to get a human readable list of open ports on your system.


looks like 30033 is being used by ts3server.

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 1001 77148 7096/./ts3server
tcp6 0 0 :::30033 :::* LISTEN 1001 77149 7096/./ts3server

As this:

And confirmed by this:

You are already running another instance of ts3server, stop it and then start your server

I’m a bit confused. How did two instances of ts3server start? And how do I make sure only one is running.

And lastly, when I try to get the privilege key, using this command:

cat /home/teamspeak/logs/ts3server_

It gives some errors. Saying again, that the instance is already running. Not sure what is going on.

This has been resolved. You can close it. Thanks.

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For the future:
you can see it doing htop
if it doesn’t work, install it:
sudo apt-get install htop