ServerQuery Keeps Getting Banned

Hello, I’m currently having an issue with my server query getting banned. I’m using an addon for forum software that allows group syncing and a few other stuff. I have everything set up properly and have changed the flood settings and even added the IP to the whitelist but every time I try to do something with the software the query gets banned.

Any help would be appreciated and if you need more information please let me know.

Make sure your content query_ip_whitelist.txt is like

Please post the error/ban message and how many commands do you send?

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I have the whitelist setup correctly as the log shows the IP being whitelisted when the server starts up.
Here is the message ‘connection failed, you are banned (you may retry in 541 seconds)’. I’m not sure

The interesting thing is that we just got a new host and on our previous host we didn’t have this issue and the TeamSpeak servers were setup the same. The old host we had was one my friend got and let me use and the new one is one I just bought myself. Could there be something on the main server host that needs to be changed to fix this as that is the last thing I could think could be the issue.

Yap that’s the ban that happens after to many commands and not being on the whitelist.
Make sure you have the latest server and that the IP does match.

If possible and above did not help please post the log with entered commands (query logging must be enabled).

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Upon enabling the log I was able to see the issue was failed logins. I was able to fix the issue.
Thank you for the help.