ServerQuery list of all events

I’m working on a bot which should monitor various events via serverquery.

Right now I’m struggling with the actual names of those events.

For example there’s an event called “onTextmessage” if the clients receives a text message or “onClientMoved” if a client moves.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a complete list of all those possible events.
Is there some kind of documentation or at least a list where I could aquire all of the names at least?

if u using the Ts3 java api, here are some of the events:

		eventByName.put("notifytextmessage", TextMessageEvent::new);
		eventByName.put("notifycliententerview", ClientJoinEvent::new);
		eventByName.put("notifyclientleftview", ClientLeaveEvent::new);
		eventByName.put("notifyserveredited", ServerEditedEvent::new);
		eventByName.put("notifychanneledited", ChannelEditedEvent::new);
		eventByName.put("notifychanneldescriptionchanged", ChannelDescriptionEditedEvent::new);
		eventByName.put("notifyclientmoved", ClientMovedEvent::new);
		eventByName.put("notifychannelcreated", ChannelCreateEvent::new);
		eventByName.put("notifychanneldeleted", ChannelDeletedEvent::new);
		eventByName.put("notifychannelmoved", ChannelMovedEvent::new);
		eventByName.put("notifychannelpasswordchanged", ChannelPasswordChangedEvent::new);
		eventByName.put("notifytokenused", PrivilegeKeyUsedEvent::new);
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I’m using a PHP Library but mistook the internal naming with the actual event names.
Your list made me realize this mistake, thanks! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it seems like there’s no event in the api related to the addition or removal of server or channel groups.


Okay sounds interesting, what exactly do you want to do with your bot, maybe I can help you?:slight_smile: