Setting server group without permission

Hi there!
2 years ago I’ve created a very simple teamspeak server with a very basic permission “system”. I have been updating the server each time a new update came in and there weren’t any trouble until now. This is a self-hosted server for my friends to play together. In the last few weeks some random people kept joining the server. I let them use it for sure because they didn’t disturb us and they have asked me if they could get a channel to use. Last week one of them just added himself the highest “rank” he could and he just fucked up my whole server so I had to take it down. I tried to rebuild it but the same thing happend. He was in the guest group and I really don’t have a clue how he could just add himself any kind of group. I really don’t have any knowlage in permission system, the only thing I changed was the join power for each rank but nothing else. Can anyone give me any idea what could happen? I can provide logs if you tell me what you need, but as I checked them I didn’t see anything suspicios. I haven’t touched the server query.
Thanks in advance

Do you have a backup of the server before it was destroyed?

Yes, I do.
I have to mention that, as I was trying to dig into it, I saw that I didn’t disable the server query so he could just telnet into the query but on his rank he shouldn’t have been able to do that. As guests cant press ServerQuery Login. (There still could be some mistakes from me.)

Could you maybe create a dummy server with this backup and give me admin on this server to check it? You can delete all client database entries before to protect your users’ data.

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When you have the latest server (3.12.x) running, then the only reason why he could assign himself a group was that a group’s needed member add power was to low or was not set at all. OR somewhere on your server someone accidentally set a channel permission for the member add power.

I suggest to use the ServerQuery and perform a permreset on that server.
So you will not loose any setting, users, channels etc. All hidden users with permissions and groups are reset.

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I am running 3.12.0, I did a permreset I checked all the channels, there are no member add power set for any channels. The group member and needed group member should fine aswell. For now I have disabled server query port. Are there any chance that somehow he was able to add group from server query (he could connect but surely he shouldn’t have been able to get login from the server)?