Shortcut does not work

Hello everyone I allow myself to post here because I have a problem with my TeamSpeak. I have a keyboard shortcut problem, let me explain. I tried to set several different keys to “push to talk” or to mute the microphone. But none of the shortcuts work. If I am in push to talk nobody hears me when i press the shortcut, and if I am in voice detection everyone can hear me but I cannot mute my microphone with a key.

If anyone can help me I would be very happy. I specify that it does not work either when I am directly on the TeamSpeak window and my TeamSpeak is launched in admin mod.

Thank you in advance for your help !!!

right click run as administrator some other app blocking the push key detection when ts is in minimized

Hi, first thanks for your answer. My TS is already running as administrator, and its not working when its not minimized… I got only ts open, and i stay on the TS windows when im trying to check if its working or not.

Make sure you have selected the correct hotkey profile.
First check what profiles you got:

If there is more than one take note of the one you configured the hotkeys in and select it in the drop down menu.
If you connect via a bookmark make sure that the bookmark uses the correct profile, too.

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Hey, gamer92000 thanks for the reply. I just deleted all my profile and keeped the default one everywere to be sure it was not the problem, i have done everything i can, reinstalled completly etc… Idk what to do next xD.