Should Teamspeak implement a decentralised crypto token?


  • Decentralised Crypto Tokens will be the future of payments
  • Quality made in Germany!
  • You can earn them by using the client, server or maybe by placing adds (Here I appeal to the creativity of the developers how they do that - And have a look at the Brave browser. Here you can earn coins by browsing and by placing targeted adds. Brave let you choose the amount of adds per hour)
  • You can pay your server licence with them
  • Send easily money between users
  • No other voice service offer such a service at the moment. Teamspeak will be the pioneer for that.
  • For sponsorships and tournaments - Teamspeak could give tokens as prices to the winners
  • Large increase in users (NEW way of communication and payment)
  • It fits very well to Teamspeak’s motto “Privacy & Security first”
  • You can use your server or client as a crypto wallet where you can store other coins
  • Maybe an implementation of swapping


  • High programming effort
  • Need skilled stuff members for development and implementation
  • Maybe high costs at the beginning

* In my opinion

So please take the survey and say a few words about what you think

  • Great idea
  • Meehh … Nope
  • I have no opinion but I <3 Teamspeak

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Placing ads within teamspeak sounds like very bad idea to me, that could make even more people to switch to discord and why would you bother with money when a lot of people already have bank accounts.


fair point, but with my “adds” statements I wanted to point out the possibility how they could be implemented. So I take brave as an example. here you get adds like push notifications 3 to 5 each hour. so no adds in the client or server itself.

And bank accounts will be gone in 5 years I think. Look at all the new fintech banks (no add: like N26) and there great ideas of money management.

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The only reason for which i voted for yes is earning them via using ts and being able to pay for license with that, pretty good idea as licenses are pretty expensive


Only thing I have to pay for is the VPS I have so that would still make no point for me at all.

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the push notification ads would be even more annoying to me :smiley: sooo idk… I am sceptical about this idea

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:slight_smile: I know but this is a topic that needs to be talked about. This could be the future. So I wanted to hear the opinion from each of you.


Ok for transfer between users and for paying license.
The best if TS integrate crypto is to make a partenariat with an already existing crypto like digibyte or another gaming crypto related money.
The idea of organizing tournament and get the prize directly from TS is not bad at all it’s excellent.
For the rest no ! No ADs , No reward for using a program.

  • You can use your server or client as a crypto wallet where you can store other coins.

That is clearly not possible for the both side, i can’t imagine the money and skills that is needed for developers and hosts.


accepted :slight_smile: