Show connection status of all users in channel

I think it would be cool to be able to see the current connection status of every user in your current channel shown as a little icon next to their name.

Something like this
(yeah my paint skills are on point :smile:)

This could also give you information about why your teammate does something stupid ingame when you see that his connection is only at 1 bar e.g.


You can already see the information about their connection by right clicking. I don’t see too much the reason to overload the user bar by adding this information. :man_shrugging:
Usually if a user has a bad connection you hear him from the bad voice and from his complaining in-game about lagging.


Hmm that a point.
Even tho not everyone is talking much so you wouldnt always get his bad connection from him talking and this could be an optional feature so only people that want this would get the overloaded user bar :smiley:


Connection issues come and go though, and I’m not going to constantly jump out of game to right click on TS and check their connection status every time there’s a question.

It would actually be really convenient to be able to just glance over and see, “oh, their connection is crap,” when someone is suddenly sounding garbled and teleporting around in game. I’d be 100% behind making it an option you could toggle on and off, but I think it would be an extremely useful option to have. Would virtually eliminate conversations around trying to troubleshoot whose connection is failing where if you could see where the problem lies at a glance.