Show group in selector, but without adding them

We have a new teamspeak and setting it up. Sow there is an upcoming question…
I want a group ♥Spiele shown in the selector, but no user should be able to add it, since its supposed to be a spacer.

group selector
Is this even possible? I’ve also tried to mess with groupadd permissions, but ofc it would just hide the group at all.

In the new client, the groups you can’t assign are hidden by default. Unfortunately currently there is no option to show inaccessible groups like the teamspeak 3 client. And don’t know if will ever be.

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The selector above is just an illustration, to show the users view.
I’ve TS3 installed too for right-Management.

But I havent seen any way to achieve my goal yet.

As said above in the new client this option is not possible. In the ts3 client from the other side, by default you don’t see them again, but if you go under Tools → Options → Design and unckeck the option “Hide inaccessible groups in context menus” then you will see them.

Ok. Thats not what I have in mind though.
I want only group “Spiele” be visible for certain groups without giving them the right to add them/ view other groups (like admin) above their Level.
Then again - your answer Kind of confirms, that this ain’t possible without any compromise, right?

Yea, you 're right. Either see everything or nothing.

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