Shutdown nach Server Umzug

Shutdown Nach Server Umzug. Wir haben die nach so gegen 1:30 Uhr einen Server Umzug seid dem Bekomme ich meinen TS3-Server auf dem neuen vServer nicht gestartet da nach kurzer Zeit gleich die meldung shutdown kommt. Auf dem Alten Server kann ich nicht Konekten da der Hoster mir keinen zugriff mehr läst. Habe eh 5 stunden gebraucht bis ich meine Lizenz wieder bekommen habe von Ihm. Was kann ich machen das ich meine Lizenz ans laufen bekomme?


Nicole Sophie

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You have to contact the Guys from TeamSpeak USA (the License Part of TS).
Tell them your old and new IP’s.
So they change it in their System and youre able to start your Server(s) normally.

ONLY contact them with the Mail-Adress you createt the License with!
Otherwise they wont help you…

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IT IS if you got a extra License (and not using Standard)!
I had to do it myself! :wink:

The 10 Server NPL need to communicate with TS-USA if you wanna change the IP (Root).
And i bet Others also need to…

Dude… I had to do it myself as i changed my Root (and IP)…
Is hard to understand for you, right?..

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A’ight Guys, please, don’t throw s**t at one another. It’s getting more and more off-top with each post.

Maybe both of you are right. Maybe normally it’s not necessary to contact TeamSpeak. Maybe sometimes it is.

Maybe you should ask someone from Stuff in order to get definitive answer, if you really want it.

But please, just stop.

So that there is no further discussion why I write like in German. I don’t speak English and that’s not bad in my opinion.

For information, I did not need to contact the support, just make sure that the servers are offline for 2-4 hours together and off I went.

And before I forget I bought a 256 slot license from Teamspeak.

Kind regards

Nicole Sophie

Please close Tehma.

Thank you