Since Server Update 3.12.1 Linux X64 Admins can´t create Channels nor Subchannels

As described, I can no longer create channels or subchannels after the update to server version 3.12.1. A “permreset” has already been carried out. I’m done. No more idea what I can do. Does somebody has any idea?

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Are you sure you are still in the right server group?
Yes. That was also my first idea.
All permissions appear correctly set

Are you able to edit it’s group permissions?

Are those permissions are assigned to your group?

I’m really running out of ideas

Grayed out. Both options.

I am currently deleting all permissions of the admin group and then adding them again by hand.

This will take some time

I don’t know why, but now everything works again.

I’m totally confused :rofl:

The permissions are exactly the same as before.
I just deleted them all and “reset” them by hand.