[Skin][Release] DarkenTS - Save the eyes


DarkenTS originated from the need of an eye-friendly design for TeamSpeak.

Utilising the second screen of a multi-monitor setup to keep an eye on certain programs, including VoiP applications, I am not a fan of bright colours. Especially in the night those tend to be distracting.

Being spoiled by the awesome MetroMumble design by xPoke while using Mumble, the switch to TeamSpeak was quite “enlightening”.

At that point in time you were able to find a couple of dark skins for TeamSpeak, but none of the them appealed to me, colour- and quality-wise. And so DarkenTS came into existence.


  • Total re-style covering all aspects of TeamSpeak
  • Eye-friendly dark Colour Scheme
  • Sleek Design
  • Extended Info Display
  • Extended Linux and Mac support
  • Dedicated high quality flat SVG Icon pack supporting high DPI displays
  • Basic support for most 3rd party addons
  • Easy customisation
  • Easy installation and update process

The skin was created with following Design settings (found in the options menu):

Style: System Default ( Important, other styles might change the appearance of DarkenTS and introduce glitches. Styles mainly change the design of GUI elements, which, in almost every single instance will be overwritten by DarkenTS.)

and looks best with a unique icon set, specially created for DarkenTS (but fitting any dark theme!) that can be found below.

You can find further information and help on the dedicated download pages.


Other releases



Listed above are the only official download sources. If you find my themes and icon packs somewhere else, I cannot guarantee that you receive the original, most up-to-date addons.

Please report any bugs or design flaws you encounter, as well as feature wishes, here in this thread.



Q My title bar looks white instead of grey. Why is that?
A I am using Windows 10 as an Operating System with a custom colour scheme, which affects the appearance of the TeamSpeak title bar. Using a different Operating System, or a different colour scheme may change the overall look of the TeamSpeak title bar. Have a look at this post to find out how to change this behaviour.
Q How do I apply the customisation?**
A In order to make the customisation as easy as possible, I created installation files, that will do the work for you - if you want to, the option to manually install the changes is available). To find out how to customise your experience, navigate to:
├ Windows: ‘%APPDATA%\TS3Client\styles\DarkenTS\Customisation’
├ Linux: ‘~/.ts3client/styles/DarkenTS/Customisation’
└ macOS: ‘~/Library/Application Support/TeamSpeak 3/styles/DarkenTS/Customisation’
DarkenTS - Dissension
├ Windows: ‘%AppData%\TS3Client\styles\DarkenTS-Dissension\Customisation’
├ Linux: ‘~/.ts3client/styles/DarkenTS-Dissension/Customisation’
└ macOS: ‘~/Library/Application Support/TeamSpeak 3/styles/DarkenTS-Dissension/Customisation’
DarkenTS - Icon Pack
├ Windows: ‘%APPDATA%\TS3Client\gfx\DarkenTS\Customisation’
├ Linux: ‘~/.ts3client/gfx/DarkenTS/Customisation’
└ macOS: ‘~/Library/Application Support/TeamSpeak 3/gfx/DarkenTS/Customisation’

[forum.teamspeak thread]


Nice profile picture u have there :smiley:


My absolute favourite style together with the icon pack!
Glad I could contribute to this ongoing project :slight_smile:

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I use this theme for years but there are 2 things to add/change. Channel id is missing in this theme. I had to take it from the other theme. In this icon pack I don’t like the microphone icons.

If you head to the folder that contains all the DarkenTS files you will find a customization folder in which you will find 3 different designs for the microphone icons that you can simply change by following the steps provided in the folder or head over to the official addon site and find a guide there :slight_smile:

The default info display is the one that TeamSpeak is shipped with. The Channel ID is displayed in the Extend Info Display. This had been originally the default DarkenTS info display, but users wished the TeamSpeak standard to be the default, which is the reason why I will not add to or remove anything from the default view.

If you wish to switch the info display, head to

%APPDATA%\TS3Client\styles\DarkenTS\Customisation\1 - Info Display

and execute 3.1 - Install Extended Legacy Info Display.bat, assuming that you are using a Windows operating system.

If you are already using the Extend Info Display, but the Channel ID doesn’t show up, please report back, preferably with a version number (found in %APPDATA%\TS3Client\styles\DarkenTS\Changelog\Changelog.txt) and a screenshot that highlights the problem.
Alternatively you could try reinstalling the style (including the info display switch mentioned above).

You are not the only one. :wink:
I like them, so I will keep them default, but because some of you have different taste, I created two alternative styles that stay truer to the TeamSpeak default. To switch the microphone icons, head over to


and select either of the two.

In both customisation cases you can read the attached README.txt file in the corresponding folder.

Thank you very much for using DarkenTS!


is there a new version? i love this addon :smiley:

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There absolutely is. It just needs to be approved on myTS. Unfortunately this is going to take a while, I am afraid.

I thought about releasing it somewhere else instead, but I would rather not do that, because I am not interested in fragmenting the user base. I might have to swallow this bitter pill, though.

Well this was over 2 months ago and there is still nothing…
Also Adam never even responded whether they are actually looking at add-on updates…
I think they completely ignore this right now.
If I had to guess I’d say this won’t change until TeamSpeak 5 ist released so maybe ~ 2 years (?)
So go ahead and upload somewhere else!

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sad to hear that :frowning:

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DarkenTS and DarkenTS - Dissension have been updated. This release mainly adds support for changes in the TeamSpeak Client Release 3.5.0.

Notable Changes

  • Added active badge showcase to client infoframe templates - Thank you, ScP!
  • Added customisation for (previously hardcoded) colours of hyperlinks, and friend/foe/recording indicator - Thank you, ScP!
  • Added ID lookup on ts3index.com to clientinfo.tpl and serverinfo.tpl - Thank you, @D0mm4S.
  • Added IP lookup on ts3index.com to serverinfo.tpl templates
  • Added notice to recording user in clientinfo.tpl template
  • Added display of Channel Commander and Priority Speaker in clientinfo.tpl in order to improve accessibility. - Thank you, ScP!
  • Changed position of audio status symbols and avatar in client infoframe template - Thank you, ScP!
  • Readded icons to certain information in infoframe templates to fit the general theme that changed with the addition of badge display and change in audio status display
  • Display of Voice Data Encryption in channel infoframe templates improved
  • Display of Talk Power Request in clientinfo.tpl improved
  • Style of Account Recovery Dialogue improved - Thank you, @DuDuNS!
  • Display of Temp Channel Deletion Message in channelinfo.tpl improved
  • Changed Checkboxes to TS5 style - DarkenTS - Dissension exclusive
  • Changed Radiobox style to fit the Checkbox changes - DarkenTS - Dissension exclusive



DarkenTS - Dissension

Due to the quite extensive changes to the info templates, I created three different versions to fit hopefully all needs. As usual, you can apply the desired Info Displays via the method explained in the topic starter. Extended Info Display Exclusive!

Small Badges

Large Badges

Puritan (Old Extended Default)


Due to the present situation, the current versions will not be available via myTeamSpeak for now, but via third-party hosting. For this inconvenience I apologise.
Please note: If you would like to update DarkenTS via myTeamSpak, you may have to expect that this might take several months.

DarkenTS DarkenTS - Dissension
Download (v 1.7.2)
Download (v 1.2.2)

Thank you for using DarkenTS

As always, please leave any feedback you might have.


yess :smiley:
thx @Brady_The ^^
i liked it better when it marked the friends green , anyway i love it :slight_smile:

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I’ll keep that in mind. When enough people voice this opinion, I am not against ignoring these voices. :wink:

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So I guess mine updated via myTeamSpeak, I too miss my green buddies. :sob:
Any way to add an option or icon pack to change it back :grinning:

Do you talk about the current icon pack of this style?

You can replace these icons into the files of this add-on.
Windows: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\TS3Client\gfx\(iconpack_name)

Search for the current one and replace them directly.

Unfortunately I cannot make everyone happy. :slightly_smiling_face:

Head to %AppData%\TS3Client\styles, open DarkenTS.qss, search for CustomColor::ClientFriend, and replace ffb000 with a hex code of your choosing. I recommend 009d20.

Thanks for using DarkenTS!

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Thanks a bunch! I’ve been using your theme for a couple of years and you have made me plenty happy!

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I can’t find CustomColor::ClientFriend in DarkenTS.qss with Ctrl + F.
What i have to do? I don’t like this color, I want green :frowning:

In the most recent version it should be on line 1718.


Okay i found it.
I realized that I have teamspeak 3 files in a different folder than default.

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