Slots for Team Speak

Allow us to have more slots like Discord as now… who’s with me on that ?




slots = users, = more in ur server… the more we have the better we can use it without having to buy a license… look at and check for ur self… also, they should really think about that as well, due to discord as better option in server without paying for anything… other then there vip plans…

but if team speak wants to make there software better, remove limits on users slots … and add more addons :slight_smile:


You are trolling right?


I get his point, but they can’t pay their staff with kind words. :joy:


There’s one catch, D-name is earning money with Nitro or however it’s called and other ads. TS, well, it isn’t.


Do you know what happens when D-name’s servers shuts down? Well, EVERY server goes down. And why? Because you don’t pay for anything, even server, which is held on their servers.

Want more slots? Maybe this will be in the future. Lets wait some time.
Want more add-ons? Well, maybe download SDK and do it by yourself. That’s how add-ons are made.
Don’t know how to make add-ons? Well… For this I don’t have any answer.


Please post some where else… how is my question has anything to do with trolling??? wow…


true. so i thought that is what Team speak is trying to do??


no, your right, but then again TS is pretty much making good income then vent was back in the day… and now D/C (Discord) is making more then TS, so why not do the same. License only by server and not by slots… Slots should be unlimited users, and if that company wants to host servers, make them pay $200/mo or $500/mo for 10 servers… tbh, TS could get mass of income if they think…


Excuse me, what do you mesn by that answer?


on this… where they should of added ideas like ads, or in app payments… :expressionless:


If you add ads to your app, at least 50% of users will stop using it. Additionally, free servers are never as good as paid ones.

In-app payments? Have you heard about micro-transactions? No one likes them. No one.

One more thing, do you know why D-name is free? Because you depend on them, as your server provider. In a second there might be no servers, just like that.


well i’m not saying like give all free … just the user slots. and 1 server but limit the way we use it… like add options for us to upgrade… i get we have bills to pay, but in long run… like i said, i think this can change the world and on how TS can allow us to be freedom then having to pay 1 server and 64 slots user…


OK, so as I said:

I don’t want to argue and so you do.

Also, please, check what you’re typing with some spell checking, cause reading this is, well, hard at least.


TS does earn something from commercial server hosters, for-profit licenses and their voice SDK for applications/games. The concurrent user limit of the free server licenses is a bit low tho if you have larger community, I agree on that (and the smallest “Gamer License” at 55$/year for only 64 slots rather steep).


yeah sorry using phone to talk, not as fun ha and, yeah it was only a feedback – be safe bro…


@H4ndy If I said something wrong, sorry, don’t know everything. I’m just a man, not a encyclopedia.

@DukeNukem178 I never wanted to upset you by any means. I just have a bit hard time when someone spells gibberish, because of few other forums. Sorry! :handshake:


Larger communities are probably the ones who pay some of TeamSpeak’s bills. You have to draw the line somewhere. Most private servers probably don’t even know how to fill the 32 free slots.

Money is a thing and whenever something is just to good to be free, there is often a catch.

Not everything can be a “passionate open source project”. If that’s what people want, there is things like Mumble.

See it as investing into the project. As long as TeamSpeak makes money, they can pay people who improve it. And these people also can’t decide that they are not quite in the mood to work on it, because it’s their job and they are getting payed to do exactly that, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day and sometimes longer.

Is 5$ per month really too much?


oh no worries mate :slight_smile:

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The fact you would even mention jizzcord in here is appalling. I cannot WAIT for this new TS so I can ditch Jizzcord altogether and not be forced to use it for the stupid/lazy people. Just calling it like it is.