Small Reoccurring Packet Loss (LAG SPIKE)


I host a fairly large Teamspeak with peak up to 500 People at once.
We’ve been running at version 3.9.1 without any problems and recently (about 1 Week ago) I decided to update to the latest version 3.12.0 (18/03/2020 12:53:17).

Since the Update I’ve noticed some small but noticeable lag spikes in form of Packet Loss that is below 1%
It’s not noticeable in regular form of talk but it is definitely when listening to Music.
The packetloss isn’t just at Speech it’s also in Keep Alive and Control at the same time. It also disappears very quickly as it is just a few miliseconds but it makes a stutter sound while listening to music.
It is only on “In” as music bots don’t have anything in “Out”.

Dedicated Server Specs:
Ryzen 5 3600x 12 CPU Threads
1 Gbit Uplink with 10G Card
Virtualization: LXC (4 cpu cores, 1GB RAM for TS3) with 3 Public IPv4 addresses from OVH SAS

I can verify that it isn’t the DDoS mitigation from our provider since I’ve also tried deactivating it and the result was same, I’m also connected locally to the Teamspeak 3 with a Internal VPN that goes trough a seperate Public IPv4 without any DDoS Mitigation and I’ve got the same result as any other client

CPU Usage is below on single thread is 30% even at peak hours, across all 4 Cores it is max 10%

Voice Encryption is Turned ON and no I didn’t try to disable it and I won’t because I don’t want to compromise privacy of my users.

Channel Settings: Music Codec with max bandwidth

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