[SOLVED] Need help figuring out permissions for a shared teamspeak server

I have a teamspeak 3 server (running on my EC2 instance), and the server ownership (costs) are shared by a number of parties.
We would like to create certain server groups, that should NOT ALLOW the following things:

  1. Banning or kicking anyone
  2. Changing the properties of the Server
    In short, we would like something like the default server admin role, but without the ability to ban/kick other server admins, as well as without the ability to assign the Server Admin role to anyone (but they should be able to assign this own new group)
    Please let me know if this isn’t the place to ask, or if there are better alternatives out there (I am aware of the “dont make everyone a server admin” rule, but I would like the people who actually are putting money into running the server to enjoy some special privileges (like the kicking or banning of clients))
    I would really appreciate any helpful responses. Thank you
  1. Copy the Server Admin group and rename it.
  2. Then revoke every permission (and Grant value) they should not be able to do.
  3. Now lower the groups power from 75 to a lower value.
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Hi, thank you for your response. The only thing remaining is the ability for the new server group to not be able to apply the proper Server Admin group (the original one). Could you please let me know how to do that again?

I’m trying to locate the appropriate role name to grant server admin privileges, but to no luck

It’s i_group_member_add_power and i_group_needed_member_add_power

Server Admin’s has the power of 75 and it needs 75 to add someone into the group.
Lower new Group’s power to at least 74 and the needed can stay 75 in case only Server Admin should be able to add new user to that new group.

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Perfect! This worked out well. Thank you so much for your time!

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