[solved] Teamspeak 5


one of my friends got Ts5 today and we testet some stuff, and we found a little bug probably.
On Ts5 he can give himself the admin group and on ts3 not.
The permission are all set correctly and he shouldnt be allow to do that.

was becouse he had the Channel Admin Group, ive overlooked it.


you haven’t shown much with this video.
he may have only seen the groups for some reason, but he could not give.
permissions are the point, the client only allows what is set on the server.
so if he doesn’t have the right to give that group, he won’t be able to give it independent of the client.

i finally figured it out, he got somehow the Channelgroup admin wich i didnt saw and with that he could just give himself the groups.

But im still a bit confused that on ts3 he wasnst able to give it to himself, but on ts5 he saw the groups, but im fine with that.

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