Some channel banners do not load completely

Some channel banners are not displayed completely. But if I hoover the mouse over them, they are displayed correctly.
Had the banners on an external server, now they are loaded directly from the TS server, but the problem persists.

Screenshot 2023-03-10 205929


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The problem is with the client itself. The cache function of TeamSpeak does not really work.

The problem is that images are unloaded from memory and when you tab back into the program, the images are pulled from disk back into memory.

Unfortunately the images are not displayed correctly most of the time, according to TeamSpeak the error is caused by CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) and is not fixable at the moment.

Is it always the same room / banner ?
so when you place the link to the image in another channel does it also happen there?

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Its completely random on which channel this happens. But every time there are >= 1-2 Channels with this Bug (have 48 Channels with a banner).

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