Some Suggestions, polite and friendly conversation

We need more user interaction.
For example, explanatory help balloons (or something similar).
Mainly when editing a channel description, which codes work, Markdown, BBCcode etc…

In the Dashboard menu, it could be a TeamSpeak5 portal with more interactivity.
Perhaps allowing us to choose which topic or area of ​​the forum, we want to receive notifications or follow new publications etc…
Just an idea that could be improved.
Will we have bots to help us?
Possibility to configure my live on Twitch and sync my channel with my server, I think this would help a lot to engage.
Don’t forget that we can bring everything that Dis…ord brought that is paid, free.
That would be a great differentiator

In Dis…ord having a DNS or a custom invite link you need to pay (at first too expensive) and in MyTeamSpeak we can create it for free. That’s what I’m talking about.
What they bring in a paid way, we can bring in free and improved, modernized, etc…

If we’re going to start over from scratch like we’re doing with TS5, we have to start with full force.
Bots, functions and modern interactions that make the user’s life easier, interaction with games and streamers platforms + social networks, all free (of course with annual, monthly plans) all free, but a simple detail, something that everyone will want or need and just paying an annual fee to have it. I’m not saying to charge for modern functions, I’m saying not to match the mercenary companies that exist.
Freedom is priceless.
If a company charges you to put a banner on their server, we should leave that function free (yes, I know it’s free on TS).
I’m just explaining the context.

I’m sorry if you’ve already created a topic similar to mine, I’m out of time and I didn’t have a way to research in depth about it.

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