Sometimes I do not see my own messange in channel chat and Channel commander icon is not shown in system tray

There is a bug that, honestly I don’t know if it is already reported, but sometimes when I send a message to a channel, it doesn’t appear to me but appears to others. After I restart the client it appears normally to me.

Another small bug, the orange ball of Channel Commander doesn’t appear orange in the system tray.

Thanks in advance for the attention of the staff!


Thanks for the report(s).

  • Yes we know about the channel chat bug. This can happen when events like user joined or left happened before your message.

  • The second one isn’t a bug. The tray icon does not use the state if you are are channel commander.
    Could be added later but I’m not sure at this moment.

Moved out of beta 59 thread. None of the report was related.


Fantastic, @TS.ChrisR.
Since we already have the Channel Commander icon in the system tray with TeamSpeak 3 Client, it would be amazing, if possible, to have the same characteristics in the new TeamSpeak Client.

Once again, thanks for your time and attention!


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I will forward the suggestion to add the lamp to tray but can not promise anything. If i remember right we did not add it there on purpose.

Important on that lamp on Tray is that you see that you are talking on one server tab or are muted/away


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I found a small bug on TeamSpeak 5 that happens when I put Channel Commander in the room, on the task bar it doesn’t change to orange but stays blue

Thank you for the report. That’s actually not a bug. This feature was not added.