Sound overmodulating only in Teamspeak

I’m using the bluetooth headset BOSE Soundlink and for some reason the sound overmodulates only in Teamspeak. The Soundpack overmudolates as well as all the people in the channel. I can play the soundpack in the mediaplayer and it works just fine. No other software is overmodulating.
TS Version: 3.3.2 [Stable] Windows
So far I tried:

Reinstalling Teamspeak
Removing drivers and reinstalling the latest
Updating the Headphones
Resetting the Headphones

The headset provides two sound-devices:
Bose SoundLink Hands-Free AG Audio and Bose SoundLink Stereo

The overmodulating only occurs with the Hands-Free Audio. But I cant deactivate the Hands-Free Device as its the only device that provides the microphone.
If I try to use the Stereo for Sound and Hands-Free for Microphone I dont have any sound in Teamspeak.

Maybe you got an idea how to fix this?

Thanks in Advance!