Sound problem when I speak with the latest compatible TS3 version on my old iPhone


I have an old iPhone 5C under iOS10, on which I installed TS3 version to use this old smartphone to chat on Teamspeak, since there are not many iOS10 compatible apps left.

this version of TS3 is the latest compatible with iOS10, so it is not recent.

the TS3 application launches, I can connect to my server without any problem, listen to conversations without sound problems, however when I speak the sound is really not good: it saturates and there is a crackling behind.

I did some tests with the dictaphone integrated into the iPhone while recording myself, it works without problem, so the problem comes from the TS3 v3.5.4 app.

Note that on my TS3 server (latest version available) encryption is activated on each channel, maybe this old version of the app is not compatible with channel encryption, and that’s the problem?

of course I tried to adjust the levels in the settings of the app but that does not change anything.

If you have a solution… thanks.

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