Sound Problem with Microphone

When I want to test my microphone, it gets louder the longer I speak. Can I fix this somehow. Win10 with a USB Mic

In most cases the slider for microphone is to high and above +20 db.
Have you checked that?

The Pegel is by 50% and the option for db i don’t got :confused:

So I guess it gets louder when you do not speak and after you speak for a bit it gets normal again.
But it can get really loud.

This is in fact a known problem with the recording test and will hopefully be addressed in the future. This does not infect the real transmission though. The transmission is linear to your microphones input. The test simulates a user with default settings (having AGC turned on). I would never recommend having this turned on though as the horrible quality in the test shows. Unfortunately there is no way of turning it off for the test.

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Ohh okay…so i need to test my mic with a frend and blast him =D

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