Sponsorship License request REJECTED for no reason

First off, I am a quite popular Gaming Youtuber with over 120K subscribers and I’ve had a big community on TeamSpeak in the past where I owned a Non Profit License but it expired.
I’ve requested a sponsorship license about 3 months ago but the sponsorship team got confused as they thought I’m needing it for an eSports community and denied it for the following reason: There is no real evidence of the Gaming community being present.
So I think they are right because the website was newly setup and I still haven’t advertised the community forum as I was waiting for the license first.
I got in contact with one of the team on [email protected] and tried to explain the case for him but he said this:
Anyway, when I try to re-apply for a Sponsorship license as a Content Creator for my audience I get an automatic reply after 48-hours saying:

I have now over 10K members on my Discord server but I really hate using Discord and I’d love to revive my TeamSpeak community.
What do you suggest I can do about this?


Welcome to the team of the denied people with no reason.
David is very restricted in people that he accept.

For example, we have here in Portugal a TeamSpeak that have sponsorship that including have a obscene name in the name of the community itself and they are sponsored. :man_shrugging:

I have a consolidated TeamSpeak organization for over 7 years that is the “second home” of more than 200 people daily, with the intention of pure and simply serving gamers around the world that need a place to talk, I pay the license annually from my pocket and I am simply denied for no apparent reason. Just accept, @_KDS. :confused:

I already just surrendered to understand the theory behind the accepted people.



Alright then, I’ll just stay in Discord

Well, he did.

You also have to consider that TeamSpeak is making a lot of their money by selling Licenses and when giving out Sponsorship Licenses they are basically losing that money, even if it’s not a big amount. I also understand the frustration when getting declined and I would like to see some Licenses getting removed from some users since they do not need or deserve them and should give them to content creators like @_KDS, since you can advertise the product and be more likely to attract more / new users than some minecraft server with 25 people on it.

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I totally agree with you! it just sucks when you see people having like 2-5 people online on their server and still having that sponsorship license while I had a community with over 250+ online clients in the past and I can now get even more if I advertise my server on Youtube.
Anyway, I tried my best and there is nothing I can do about it.
Thanks to everyone who replied.


Hi @_KDS,

Let me take a look into this for you, and I’ll respond to your original sponsorship request via email.


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I appreciate it.
Would you need my email or something?

That would be helpful. PM me your email address. :slight_smile:

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well… if im looking at what a license for 512 slots cost which the NPL license provided us for free it scares me to think about what happens when the day comes they will revoke all NPL licenses which are still out there up and running…
we run a gaming community we rent a few dedicated root servers for our games we provide to our players and we pay all this out of our own pockets
i personally couldnt spend another 300 bucks every year to keep our community teamspeak server alive then

i also dont like alternatives like discord that much that i would say lets go over there…

so lets hope the NPL may stay alive :+1:


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