Sponsorship request rejected without proper reasons


We are a gaming community, with some features that make us special, with a long range.
We have now applied 3 times for a sponsorship request. The second time the reason for the rejection was as follows:

  • Your application does not meet the requirements for TeamSpeak Sponsorship.
    I think that means that the application was not sufficient.
    It also said that:
    "If your situation changes in the future please re-apply "
    So we applied again (3rd time) and got the following answer:
  • You have already submitted a sponsorship request.

Can this be checked again manually?

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You’ll not get any different answers unless you ask them directly. There’s plenty of threads on here to read about why you were rejected.

I’d recommend reading through the whole post.

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Probably you forgot something to fill Out, or just Spammed sponsorship requests.Just Ask them via Private Message on the Forum Why you got rejected or tell him that you now meet the requirements

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The forum is the wrong place.
The tech support has no knowledge about who, why or when a sponsorship was requested and why it was accepted or rejected etc…