TeamSpeak Sponsorship Experience

Hello, I don’t know if this will be read, ignored or whatever your destiny, regardless I want to report my experience with the TeamSpeak sponsorship program.

Initially I want to inform you that I am a former TeamSpeak user, since 2, I grew up using TeamSpeak, it has always been my preferred communication tool and despite everything it still is. Maybe it doesn’t matter!

I have doubts about how TeamSpeak sponsorship works, what are the criteria? Are they the same for everyone?

The experience I had was not very pleasant. I have had a community for a few years (10 years), and we always use TeamSpeak, we started with 32 slots in 2010 with the arrival of new members, we got an NPL, and so our community grew and the 512 slots were no longer enough. In 2019, before the current partnership program, we requested and made it clear that we were well attended by a TeamSpeak member, provided us with an activation license with 600 slots, which was subsequently increased to 750. For one year it was perfect, our community grew and we had an average of 700 people online. I always kept TeamSpeak publicized on the website, forum and social networks. After all, it had been running for a few years.

I would like to make it clear that I have NEVER asked for a donation of any kind, respecting the rules of the NPL, despite the costs of keeping everything running. Everything we have and donated, Sinusbot License, JT3ServerMod Hosting, etc.

The time has come to request a license renewal, I was guided by the support to ask for a sponsorship. I requested a 1024 slots license, which I knew was too much, but the options were 512 or 1024.

Initially it was refused, so I asked for a reason to maybe adapt to the new standards. In summary, I was informed that we did not have a participation from our users on our social media pages. We don’t have many likes, we only have 3220 likes on Facebook to be more precise, and on other networks some followers, Twitter 3100, but we don’t have interaction with users, also because most of the interactions are made by TeamSpeak itself.
The license was coming to end and we needed to maintain the server so I requested a few days (which was answered) to try to create this interaction on our pages, which was not easy. Unfortunately we were unable to achieve the requested.

Then the license was canceled. Our server, which averaged 600/700 users online, now had only 32 slots. I requested my old NPL to try to recover our operation with less slots, but I was informed that it was not possible to recover. The communication with TeamSpeak sponsorship ended there, I think I’m on the Blacklist :pensive:.

Some members went to other platforms available on the market (you already know which one).I did not want to simply erase a community of years, I tried to hire a license, but it is very expensive, we have no profit, no money donations. I was already convinced it was the end. So kindly a member of our community, who had his server with an old NPL and did not use the 512 slots, lent his license, and today we are alive thanks to that.

I understand that we may not have what is necessary to receive the TeamSpeak partnership, we tried to make changes, but it was not possible to enter the new standards. I had tried to understand.

What made me a little uncomfortable, because I follow your social networks is to see the partners that are approved.

Some still have the link to the Disc… on their websites, a low number of user likes, lower than ours, zero in some cases. Not meeting the minimum recommendations requested. Or are they different? So I don’t understand why we don’t?

Maybe I’m wrong, but this was the experience I had. We dedicate a lot of time to that, I think it’s unfair.

Currently I know that the NPL is illegal, but I ask you not to remove it, after all, this is the only way I can maintain this community.

If I posted in the wrong place, I apologize.

Thanks to those who read.
Best regards.
Old TeamSpeak User :pray:


You’re completely right. We have the same problem as you. That’s why we don’t see the future with teamspeak anymore. Even if you have everything legal there is someone at teamspeak who will write an email or give a blacklist. The same with us, communication with TeamSpeak sponsorship ended, and also i think our email is on blacklist.

The funniest thing is that I’ve recently seen an eSports organization that had close to zero activity sponsored by teamspeak which has not added posts for a long time. They look dead.

PS. Yes, I know that such forum posts will do nothing. that’s why I don’t even try.
BTW. Usually teamspeak deletes such posts and topics so be prepared. :wink:


It is really sad to see that teamspeak does not give much importance to its members. How can you deny a server with 700 users? Where will you grow up like this?

It has always been my favorite platform, but this delay and all this bureaucratic process is very sad, since the competitor tries to simplify people’s lives more and more.


This is just going to end up as a re-hash of the exact same posts I’ve made (I believe the threads were removed now) before on this but just because you have a user-base and a server doesn’t mean you deserve to have a sponsorship (TeamSpeak is a business after all).

What makes you unique from every other server out there? It’s not users.

Why should TeamSpeak attempt to promote your community/org/stream? If you have nothing unique why should they? (everyone using the same public/open source plugins, bots etc doesn’t count)

Having your users spam the forums, their email and such isn’t going to help you at all… You know which communities you are.

TeamSpeak wants engagement outside of the server, on your own website, twitter etc not just on your server with a high usercount.

I will be the first to say TeamSpeak’s communication has been rocky in the past, I’ve been critical of that very publicly on the old forum and wasn’t liked due to my views on specific issues. I understand why some people don’t like me and that’s fine. But credit where credit is due, the sponsorship team has done an amazing job so far and the community management is 10x better. Feedback is taken on-board and responded to, this wasn’t happening previously.

There are a few ones that have fallen through the cracks and mislead the sponsorship team due to the badges, I will admit this and it’s a hard thing to do as there’s a few people doing this to sell these badges.

They’re a business, they cannot just give every kid with a server a free license.

i feel you, same community size without social media …

Unfortunately, your application for TeamSpeak Sponsorship has been denied for the following reason/s:
Your application does not meet the requirements for TeamSpeak Sponsorship

I pay a lot of money every year for a free community. :face_vomiting:


I believe that each case is particular. You said about engagement outside teamspeak and I agree with you.

But if you look at who teamspeak is actually practicing and who has been denied at times it is difficult.
I have a lot of engagement in my publications, (more than 3k likes on the page, with 50 ~ 100 likes on the posts) and I was denied. On instagram we already have 250 likes in post.

In my country, there is a server with 100 likes on the page, 0 likes in the publications and it has achieved sponsorship.

I have a lot of differentials on my server, including the members having lots of lives etc … For teamspeak, did you count? Do not.

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But what’s unique about your community/server? What makes you stand out from the rest?

In my view I have several differentials, but I will not list them here because it will not change anything at all. My intention here is to reflect on why there are servers that are sponsored WITHOUT DIFFERENT, and not others? The biggest question I ask is, what is the approval criteria?

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I mean, that’s really down to if TeamSpeak wants to talk publicly about their criteria which I don’t think they would want to as it would just allow people to abuse the system like the NPL system was previously abused.

I wont talk to my discussion with them but yes, I was initially declined but I spoke with them and I met their criteria for changes needed.

You’re welcome to look around all my stuff but I wont go into any specifics here as it was a private discussion with TeamSpeak.

It doesn’t, but if you’re interested go look yourself.

Thank you for your opinion.
Well, I’m not a child with a server. I follow the rules :grinning:
I talked to them by email, and tried to understand the requirements.
But the issue here is me knowing the requirements I cannot understand how some were approved :thinking:
I have examples, but I will not quote here.
For this reason I think it is unfair.
I’m not better than anyone, I just want to understand.

From what I noticed you were initially refused and later accepted? I’m glad you got it


I wasn’t saying you were, just some others in the general TeamSpeak community.

Just gotta remember they’re a business and it isn’t personal.

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Thank you all for your opinions :grinning:

To complete the post, to those who still want to apply for partnership, I think it’s important to inform:
Message sent by David Hutchings

Hey there,

Sorry to hear that you weren’t approved. Below is a list of the most
common reasons why an application might of been rejected:

First of all, here is a breakdown of specifics depending on the type of

For Communities:

  • Do we feel they are worth a license? (Do they have something unique or
    special that makes the community unique?). We’re not specifically
    looking for communities during the sponsorship process at this time so
    it needs to be something really special for us to say yes.

For Esport Teams:

  • The team must be a member of a recognised, searchable league.
  • The team must have at least 2 active social media profiles.
  • The team shows completed rosters and games the teams participate in.
  • Shows rewards/placements so far, upcoming matches, upcoming
    tournaments etc.

Content Creators:

  • Must have at least 10k followers.
  • Must have social media to support the stream.
  • Links should lead to the stream and social media and vice versa for
    verification to prevent false claims of identity.

Educational Facilities

  • This is on a case by case basis depending on the project.

  • If you received the bad website message, but your website/social
    media/stream sites is working normally, this might potentially be because:

  • There’s not a high following.

  • There’s a low community activity level.

  • The site/social media/stream site might not be relevant to the
    application. (Eg: MyAwesomeTeam has a streamer called MyEliteGamer, but
    isn’t linked to the community).

  • The site itself is inactive, or doesn’t really portray your server in
    it’s best light. (Might be missing an about us section, or doesn’t
    really delve into your community and what they get up to etc).

  • You might have an active website etc, but there is no means in which
    to access the site (pretending to be a member of the public).

Is there another way to obtain a license like the sponsorship license or
a non profit license? No there isn’t unfortunately. The NPL was removed
as it doesn’t meet the needs of the modern day user which is why we’ve
steered away from this.

Well, I can mention several approved ones that do not follow these requirements, especially Communities, but anyway it’s a waste of time


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It is not a question of being mad, I am simply questioning whether the requirements are the same for everyone, after all it’s just one person who makes the decision

This is the exact answer, it’s obviously on a case-by-case basis. If I hadn’t custom coded all my features, I doubt I would have gotten a sponsorship as I was very late to apply.

I imagine for the first few applicants the requirements were much more relaxed and some sub-par applications likely slipped through.

I feel like staff wont reply on this thread though


I think that: free public servants take the most important thing from teamspeak: money!
That is why they provide licenses for small servers, and large ones do not.
But this is backward thinking, after all, nobody wants to be on a server full of people. The public server would be for them to test teamspeak and later buy their own server.

User -> buy a server on the host -> host earning more -> teamspeak earns more.

But it seems that they don’t even know where the money comes from.

Teamspeak is much better when it comes to permissions, and management in general. But people can put that aside.

In my case I have noticed the number of users decreasing on the platform … but let’s see where we will get to that.

Delayed in development, ignorant and impartial in partnerships.

I mean you can bash on me all you want, not using TSN-Rank bot, it’s all custom.

I worked my ■■■ off for sponsorship and I got it.

Paid version, heavily edited with custom PHP integration and features.