Standard server group and other server groups

Hello everybody,

I have a little problem with which I am not getting any further. I have given my standard server group (guest) the right to allow guests to create temporary channels. So far it works too. The guest may assign himself to different game groups. These server groups have only been assigned the symbol and the group_member_power. That works pretty well too. Unfortunately there is the effect that the guest can no longer create a channel. If I assign a different server group to the guest, the default server group also disappears. I am assuming that this is all related.

How can I set that the guest can create temporary channels despite the server group?

Thank you

The default group won’t stay when you have another group. This is by design.
Copy the Guest Group. Then change it’s name and set a desired icon. Instead of the groups you just created but gave no permissions.

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Hello Chris,

Do I understand correctly that I should copy the guest group and then define my other server groups with it? The problem is that I already had that, but there were overlaps with various rights. which is why I initiated this step.

Then add the permissions you or the user does miss into the groups.

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Hmmm, is there another way to solve that? I mean the guest group is only there for 5 minutes on the server (rank system) and then yes. Just to be prepared for the eventuality that the guest then just assigns a new server group and then wants to create a private channel is small, but it exists.

My idea was to create a new server group that is not standard and is assigned with an automatic script as soon as the user enters the server - shouldn’t it actually work?

I would like to try it, but work calls … :slight_smile: