Starting Teamspeaks Makes playback device lag 5 seconds to hear HI


I am having issues where I can have music from my BT headset or optical onboard speakers play fine but when i load TeamSpeak it starts to lag. When someone talks when music plays when game sounds occur. I can close everything and it still does it. I close TS3 or TS5 and it stops. I open either TS and it starts up again.

Eample. Song lyrics should be. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor. With TS on I get . L L L L E E E E T T T T T T T H H H H E E E E B B B B B O O O O O D D D D D I I I I I E E E E E S S S S S ECT.

Same with all other audio. IF someone talks it does the same thing. They say HI it might take 5 seconds to get the whole word HI. I just like a reverb or echo. I can’t see anything in the logs. I tried to restart the computer and same thing. Removed the BT headset and still does it with the speakers. Set to selected device left it as auto no change. They said my mic sounds fine from the webcam or from the BT headset. I checked the CPU usage and no issues there not even at 2% on a 5900x ram is also fine. No high activity on HDD SDD m.2, Video Card was at 12%. Not the system. Tried a different BT headset and same thing. Tried to plug directly into the mother board audio and same thing. I’m out of idea’s.

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