Steam beta wave questions... is it possible that I cant get a new code because I let my last code expire?

this is the second beta wave I’ve been signed up for and I’ve yet to get a code I’m wondering if it’s possible that because I got a code in 2020 but never claimed it I can’t get a new code I’ve tried claiming the beta code I got a year ago as I still have the email but it’s expired now so I’m at a real lose…

If you registered for the original closed beta access but haven’t redeemed your closed beta access badge codes, or you have never received the email for closed beta access – The codes that were sent out to everyone have now expired and are non-replaceable. You will need to register on to join the current registrations if you want to join the closed beta. (The final codes for the original beta signups were sent out in January 2020 and these codes expired in the summer of 2020).

Your beta access will be assigned to your myTS account without having to take any actions (so they are no longer sending emails to everyone with the codes to redeem). This means once you have access to the closed beta, you can then go to , login and you should be redirected to the downloader, so you begin testing the new client.

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