Steelseries Engine App [feature request]

I just bought an Apex Pro which has this nifty little display build-in. I would like to show teamspeak stuff on it. Like who is just talking now.

I asked on their reddit community page and got a reply saying they would be very happy if they could work with you on such a feature.


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As much as I don’t own one, this does sound like a cool feature!


Yeah, that’s sounds very awesome feature! I have APEX 7, and now I have to make OLED gif from TeamSpeak logo. Thanks!

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The last time Logitech tried to put displays on their keyboards, the idea lasted for only 3 generations of keyboards before they moved away from it again.

With multi monitor setups being as common as they are these days, these tiny little keyboard gimmicks are really of little to no use.

Yes, you’re of course right. There is no much need for those kind of features for functionally, but i guess you have seen some computer builds with RGB-lighting in last couple of years and those aren’t very necessary either.


RGB lighting has been around for a while and is available from many manufacturers. It also doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

Displays on keyboards however came many years ago and died again. I don’t see a serious comeback yet. So why spent time and effort on implementing something that is likely not going to last?

If they got a proper API, third party plugins could fill the gap instead. It doesn’t have to be baked into the software directly.

As a third party plugin: Sure. Go for it.