Still exist NPL license?

I want to ask does still exist Non-Profit License?
It was for free and you have 512 slots and 10 virtual servers.
You can get it by write on support, and i want to ask does can i get this license.
Im owner of teamspeak with No license (max 32 slots) and there is daily 10-20/32 people.
Thanks for answer.

If I remember right the terms of service for older NPL(icenses) doesn’t allow server sponsoring.

3.2.2 “Non-Profit” (hereinafter referred to as “NPL”): The “TeamSpeak 3 Server” software solution can be used free of charge under the “NPL” license model. The use is limited to two virtual servers with up to 512 slots. The license period is 6 months. Sublicensing of slots and virtual servers to third parties is not permitted. The “NPL” licensing model is available exclusively to non-commercial groups and consumers.

Your offer for “sublicensing” your slots to third parties isn’t allowed, @Shystriknsk

Non-Profit License (NPL) Registered : This license allows a maximum of 2 virtual servers and 512 slots AND requires registration via TeamSpeak USA’s website. (Please note: this particular license is no longer available. Existing NPL holders can carry on using this as long as the license continues being used. If it is not used over a period of time the license will expire).

Source: - FAQ Section

Well, no matter how it is not selling the server, but sublicensing is the direct sale of virtual server slots with an NPL license. but simply helping communities at no cost.

You are NOT allowed to share slots to different persons or projects.

In fact you don’t belive this here’s a newer FAQ for you.

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